Monday, November 4, 2013

What 's Happened to My Beautiful Studio???

Lew inspects the progress.
Well, I DO know what happened.

What with the show at the winery, this seemed like a good time to endure a makeover.  Our small ranch house has half a basement unfinished - painted concrete floors that my husband would like to tile.  The other half of the basement is "finished". Over the  years we've been here we've already torn down the paneling which held the damp against the cinder block. We also tore down the (too low) drywall ceiling, leaving studs and rafters.    What was left was the floor, still covered in very old industrial carpet and very VERY old linoleum tiles.  So that's going too, finally, and Good Riddance Indeed.  Others may not define this as a finished basement anymore, but it feels so much cleaner already.  Never quite knew what lurked above the ceilings, behind the walls, and under the carpet. 

We'll do a bit of patching with hydraulic cement, repaint the cinder block with Drylok, and finally install fresh NEW linoleum squares, the kind you are meant to have in a not perfectly dry basement.

And THEN I get to have my studio back.  I can't wait! 

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