Friday, October 25, 2013

Last Minute Preparations - Fieldstone Winery and Art

It has been a good month for art and painting, and then a really busy week. Maybe not that special to very successful and confident artists.   But for me,a  none-too-common experience.

For the month of  November I will have my artwork featured exclusively at Fieldstone Winery, in Rochester, Michigan.   On Friday November 1st  - just a week away! - we'll be installing the artwork, posting labels, setting up a card rack. The following Friday (November 8th) will be the big day, a reception (and wine tasting!) at the winery, for friends to see my newest artwork and taste Fieldstone's wonderful wines.

This feels like my closest experience yet to a real ("REAL") gallery opening.  I'm nearly sixty years old now (should  I maybe not admit to that?), and this may be as close as I will get.  So, right now, this feels pretty darn cool.   To make it even better, I am currently feeling very happy about my artwork.   Don't know that anyone will want it on their walls, don't know that it will garner attention or awards or sales.   Bur it is as strong and confident and satisfying to ME as anything I have worked on for a number of years.     PLEASE let THAT part continue!
The illustrations here are little details from some of the paintings that will probably comprise the show.

If you live in southeastern Michigan, please consider coming to the opening.  I would love to see you at the reception - come taste some very good wine and visit.   Information about Fieldstone Winery can be found HERE.


  1. Congrats on your show acceptances, and your upcoming opening at the winery. Feeling confident is always great - and your work is very good.

  2. Congratulations on the show, Katherine! I know it's exciting and kinda scary at the same time but not to fear. Your work is both stunning and unique and more importantly it's truly you. Potential buyers will pick up on this and I see good things in your future.