Saturday, January 7, 2012

Before and After - an artist's studio

Well, we are only midway through a complete basement makeover, but I'm liking it pretty well right at the moment.  I've 'scored' the small room on the southeast of the basement, which gets me daylight - actual sunshine sometimes -  and also allows me to keep my clutter all to myself. 

Here's a before picture, of my dark northeast corner of the basement.   This is often how I work: I drop half finished works from the tall stool to the floor, so I can get a  look from a bit further away.  Then I sit on the floor and pull out my bin of  rejected paintings.  My paintings often morph into collages as I throw the colors and patterns around  and they overlap, accidentally or on purpose.  Obviously I was having either  a wonderful or an awful day here. Probably a wonderful one!

 And, here's the current AFTER picture. Obviously not too much work getting done here yet, but just wait, it'll look like BEFORE pretty soon. 

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Another opportunity to show my paintings

I'm pleased  that I'll be showing 17 of my paintings at the Martha Maxwell Gallery, beginning in early January.  The gallery is located in the Birmingham Community House, and features a local artist every month.  I'll admit that nearly all the paintings that I'll be showing were in last fall's Florabundance exhibit: just a couple of additions - but this makes it very easy to put together!  The painting below, "What's the Point", is included - it's watercolor, collage, and some gouache.