Saturday, January 7, 2012

Before and After - an artist's studio

Well, we are only midway through a complete basement makeover, but I'm liking it pretty well right at the moment.  I've 'scored' the small room on the southeast of the basement, which gets me daylight - actual sunshine sometimes -  and also allows me to keep my clutter all to myself. 

Here's a before picture, of my dark northeast corner of the basement.   This is often how I work: I drop half finished works from the tall stool to the floor, so I can get a  look from a bit further away.  Then I sit on the floor and pull out my bin of  rejected paintings.  My paintings often morph into collages as I throw the colors and patterns around  and they overlap, accidentally or on purpose.  Obviously I was having either  a wonderful or an awful day here. Probably a wonderful one!

 And, here's the current AFTER picture. Obviously not too much work getting done here yet, but just wait, it'll look like BEFORE pretty soon. 

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  1. I had a typo on my first comment. If your studio looks too tidy then you aren't working! Time to get back to work!