Fractured Floral Experiment

Seasons in the City

Old Friends

Blues I

I Still Have the Blues

Crimson Provocation 

Is Someone Keeping Score?

Treepodia (Award Winner)

And then there were Two

Alternative Sources

Cat on the Carpet

Cleanup in Aisle Three

It's Mine Now

Secret Shopper


Five Climbers
Evening Shadows

Blue Plate I

Daylily Eruption (sold)

Dogwood and Damask

3 Moons 2 blooms 1 bud

Fleur de Tulipe (sold)

Potted Primroses

The Mum also Rises (sold)
Magnolia Tapestry II
Iris Tapestry I (sold)
Iris Tapestry II

Very Strong Tea
What's the Point
Western Exposure (sold)
Resistance is Futile

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