Friday, November 29, 2013

I forgot to "KISS "

Dogwood Abstract # 4
So, it turns out I'm working on a series.  Not fully intending to, I have found comfort and inspiration at the same time in these elements, which started from a fairly realistic macro of a dogwood blossom. This one was drawn and painted in no time at all, half sheet, as a way of 'breaking the ice' in the newly finished studio. It certainly accomplished that, although I didn't think about  it long enough. What I learned already from it is KISS - keep it simple, stupid!   I used (attempt) to apply that when designing computer applications but you can see that I lost track of it here.
The next one has been designed and a few of the shapes already painted (washes are drying right now).  I hope I simplified enough.
This is the first time I'd call what I was working on a series, and I'm wondering how long I'll want to keep it up.  I seem to be in love with the colors (cerulean and quin burnt orange on the light and bright shapes, indigo, washed with hookers green dark, for the "background"), and am not ready yet to abandon them. And the shapes themselves, and the patterns, are becoming comforting, like old friends. I expect I'll get myself into a rut pretty soon and will have to rock the boat somehow. Just not this month.

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