Thursday, December 5, 2013

When is it a "series", when is it a rut?

Dogwood Abstract # 5
These are being SOOO much fun to paint, but also getting more and more cluttered.  Maybe because I'm only investing a half-sheet, and still wanting all the same forms and patterns crammed in.

Besides simplifying, though, I want to explore, not repeat.   So,  I stepped back to really think  about it.  First, I brainstormed, and wrote down a  list of  things I could change to move forward.  Then I pulled out my notes from my Mike Bailey workshop at Kanuga last spring. And I went back to the very useful article he had written even before that about his series work (you can find it here).

I was not amazed to find that Mike's advice was to look to the seven elements of design: Line, Size, Shape, Direction, Color, Value, and Texture. What did amaze me was that when I reviewed my ideas, underlining the key word in each one, I had covered six of the seven (missed Texture).

So, I guess I know where I need to do next. Back to the drawing board, as they say!


  1. I am loving this series - but since it's only two paintings, you can't call it a series yet. I've been told you have to have at least five!! So I'm looking forward to more of these - I think they are beautiful and very creative.

  2. Thanks for the support, I appreciate it a lot. And the c.w. that 5 makes a series. Actually, NOT counting the initial macro flower painting, which inspired the abstracts, I've done five - so it's official! The original and the first two abstracts are posted back a few months, August and early September. Unfortunately I like #1 , #2, and #3 better than either of these, so there is absolutely a lesson in there for me. And I won't stop until I figure out what it is!

  3. Keep going - these are wonderful - I love the design. I say stop when you are bored with this series (and it IS a series!). Or change the ptg. shape - go square? All of these framed similarly and hung together would be amazing.