Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thank you so much!

To all the lovely and special friends who were able to come last night to the reception and wine tasting, and to see my artwork, a hearty thank-you! I was terrified - something like stage fright? -  but you all made it into a happy and memorable evening: I only hope you enjoyed it half as much as I did!

 A special thank you to my Big Sister Sally for the generous and delicious provisions she brought  - and served  and maintained etc - all the way from Ann Arbor's famous Zingermanns - oh my, Sally: you've outdone yourself.

Thanks of course to Pat of Fieldstone Winery whose wines made all my paintings look so much better. And to Christine who made it possible.

I do apologize to every one of you: the turnout was so nice that I wasn't able to spend as much time with each of  you as I would have liked.  There were countless times when I rudely interrupted a well-begun conversation with you, to greet the next newcomer - so many unfinished conversations: we will need to manage to continue some of them, and soon.

My artwork is still on display at Fieldstone Winery in Rochester, and will be through the end of  November.  I hope that if you were unable to join us last night, you will still manage to stop by during the month  and take a look at what I've been painting in the past year.  While you are there, try a glass of Pat's Tempranillo: it's a lovely red with the peppery character that I always enjoy in a wine.  I'm trying to resist opening the bottle I brought home tonight: need to save it for a special occasion. Although maybe having the reception behind me could be considered that . . . .

And finally,  a glimpse of the end of the evening: that's my dear husband Michael and sister Sally, recuperating a bit after cleaning up.  And a better view of the wall where the paintings were hanging.


  1. I told you the exhibition would be a success! How could it not be? What an amazing display of work! It sounds like you had wonderful family support which must help a great deal. If I were you I'd pop the cork on that bottle of wine and celebrate. :)

  2. Your display of artwork was an outstanding example of what a talented artist you are. I really enjoyed being able to be there on your big day.

    1. Diane, it meant so much to me that most of the SOBs were there for this evening. So much appreciated, thank you!