Friday, November 22, 2013

The Best Studio I EVER EVER hoped for!

Won't take a lot of time to write, because it's time to get painting again. ESPECIALLY as I now need to justify this wonderful room that has been made over. Mostly it's the floor making the difference, but it's been reorganized and redesigned too: As I had to find places elsewhere in a small house to temporarily store stuff, I found it a great time to review what's really wanted and needed.  And as everything got moved back in, it was a great time to think about where things should be, instead of just sticking another shelf on an available wall.

I love it.  No longer disappointed that I must "settle" for a basement studio.  I want to spend all my time there now (and isn't that the whole point?). Bye now: back to that half sheet you can see that I've just started on.

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