Wednesday, March 26, 2014

But I don't have the Blues

It is very nice to have finished a painting, and, even better, one that I like,  just before leaving for Kanuga.   What a confidence builder!  A few weeks ago,   I took  a great number of source photos of this bouquet of white blossoms, in different blue glass vases and sitting on a variety of blue silk scarves.  This one didn't turn out the way I had planned or even what I expected (so, what else is new?).    But I like it anyway.

I'm all prepared for my "semi-independent study" with Robbie Laird at Kanuga (that's what I'm calling it, I'll report on what it actually is upon my return!).    Having chosen maybe a dozen source photos that I liked a lot, I spent the early part of March doing newsprint drawings from them.  That exercise helped me narrow down which ones held my interest.   I ended up with six favorite drawings.  I traced those drawings onto half-sheets of Arches 140, and THEN soaked and stretched the paper onto both sides of three pieces of Gatorboard.   This should give me lots to work on when I get there. 

I've never prepared so many "starts" at once before.  It has been fun and productive both.  I found my drawing skills coming back a bit as I worked.  I'm quite excited about what will come next, and pleased that I will have four days to work on all of these.    I am already wondering if it will turn into a new way of working for me.

Do most of  you have multiple paintings going at once? I'm usually sorry when I don't, because I am more likely to move too quickly and make poor decisions.  Setting things aside for a bit is never a bad idea.


  1. You better like it! It's gorgeous - and of course, LOVE the design element.

  2. Katherine, this painting is REALLY nice and so we'll-designed. I can tell that you spent time and thought on the composition and it paid off. Great job, Nice send-off for Kanuga.

  3. I wouldn't have the blues if I'd painted something this lovely, either! What a great start before your trip to Kanuga. can't wait to hear all about it when you return and get decompressed from the week-long art experience.

  4. Really a detailed and beautiful painting

  5. I LOVE the perspective on the vase! Really successful, this one!!!!!