Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Disconcerting Discrepancies

Today's question is, why do my paintings look better in online  photos than in person?  This one is about to undergo a serious makeover, because the blue sky was a serious mistake.  It just looks .. .  expected.  I had left it for last so as to decide WHICH blue it needed to be, but now that it's done, I am reminded that, as usual, I am being way way way too literal.  A red or orange sky would have been more interesting or exciting.  So, I took this picture, and two more with colored papers laid over the blue - was going to post them all.  But, now, looking at this image online, I like it fine, and am not even going to show you the possible revisions, because you'd probably try to stop the makeover.

 But, still, you should know, the next time I post this, it WILL look very different.  First I am likely to try a fairly strong rust-colored wash over that wimpy blue.  It probably won't work with the blue showing through.  So then, I plan to mix up gouache, to peach or red or something, and go over the whole sky with it.  Adventure!!!


  1. Think of what a southwestern sky looks like - usually a clear, intense blue. Maybe all you need to do is intensify the sky you already have. I do not think you are being to literal. Your shapes are great and somewhat abstracted as it is. My two cents worth.

    1. Too late! I know another glaze might have generated that intense blue you describe, but haven't seen often in real life (just on this one trip). But I could already tell that I would forever be disappointed if I didn't push the boundaries of normal. I'll post the revision soon.

  2. I always do the same thing: automatically paint the sky blue! Look forward to seeing your revision ... though I do love the colors now.
    I often feel I overwork paintings, or, at least, overwork the paper, so that, in person, the paper just looks tired ... but that doesn't seem to show online.