Sunday, March 23, 2014

Get back to work!

This will just be a short post. You will see why:  Here I am, spending a nice Sunday afternoon, browsing the blogs of my new blog friends  (do you recognize this blog?).  But, I am being observed. See that little poster up there at the right? I circled it to make it more obvious. It was recently provided by an art friend.


I'll make it easier for you to see.

And then I'll go.  Maybe you should too?


  1. I should hang one of those in each room: Stop procrastinating and work on your [fill in the blank!]

  2. LOL - I agree with Laura! And - don't you just LOVE Rhonda's hydrangeas! Guess you are getting geared up for Kanuga - looking forward to what you accomplish there.

  3. I need the real guy, the sign won't do it for me! haha. Hey, I do recognize that blog banner :)