Thursday, March 6, 2014

MWCS Reminder - projection of entries

If you are a Michigan artist reading this, please be reminded that this Saturday, March 8th, is the always fascinating Michigan Water Color Society event, the projection of entries for the upcoming annual exhibition.    This year the projection will be held at the Baldwin Public Library in Birmingham.   Click HERE for the MWCS website and calendar.  The projection starts at 1:30pm.

I always try hard to attend this event, because I love to see everything, not just what the juror ends up keeping for the show. As many as 300 paintings are shown for several seconds each, of which only 50 - 80 paintings will later be selected by the juror (depending on the size of the venue).  Of the 200-some that are NOT selected, there are still many many wonderful and interesting paintings, and this is the only chance, sometimes, to see them.   Michigan artists are a varied group, and there will be a wide range of styles, from abstract to still life to portraiture.

And  (if you entered) you get to see your own work projected on a large screen, an experience in itself : in my recent post I was musing about how photographs of my artwork seem to look BETTER when concentrated down to a couple of inches.  When the same artwork is expanded, all bets are off - I am often surprised at which paintings look better, which look much worse that way.  Okay, some are even fairly represented too.

If you've not attended one of these sessions, be reassured that commentary - even whispered - is discouraged quite seriously.  Although honestly, I've often heard murmurs when the subject matter turns out to be an especially cute animal.

I hope to see you there!


  1. This is really interesting. I've never heard of a society that allowed all the paintings in the mix for a juried show to be shown to "outsiders" who were not the judges. I think this would be something that would free up a lot of doubts among artists about "why wasn't my painting chosen", ect. I always try to see a show I enter, whether I get in or not and sometimes when I don't get in and see the show, I know why! Other times, I'm still confused! ha ha

  2. And I find YOUR comment interesting, Rhonda, as this is the only w/c society of which I've ever been a member, and it has had this practice since before I joined. So I sort of assumed it was a common practice. Guess not!

  3. I've been a member of 2 art groups here locally and neither do it - and I'm pretty sure the state and national watercolor groups aren't this open with their judging. I find it refreshing that your group is this open. Just think of what you could learn, as an artist, by just attending the selection session!.