Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Here we are at . . . . Camp Kanuga!!!

Does that plant any tunes in your head?  Sorry (sort of). Anyway, it's wonderful here as usual. And the weather has blessed us with 70+ degrees the past two days and apparently for another couple of days.  The forsythia here have started to bloom, and there is a spectacular and enormous weeping cherry that gets better every day.   The picture below shows the little red schoolhouse where my "Mentor or Muse" class with Robbie Laird is being held. It's a nice long walk from the Inn, so I'm getting plenty of activity going back and forth.   Essentially the class is indeed independent study but with voluntary support and critique from Robbie.  Until now I've only known Robbie as the graceful and gracious director of Kanuga Watermedia Workshops, but indeed she is a very good teacher, mentor, muse.  I'm enjoying just the amount of support and independence that this workshop offers, and wondering how soon it will be offered again.
You can also see that, after just two days, I have a nearly finished painting that I like: this is very unusual for me, in that workshops are sort of known for pushing you in such new directions that you don't find your footing for a while. .. and certainly not soon enough to finish anything that you like.  So, I'm quite happy to have this one in the final stages, and a couple more well started, and still two days to paint.

What I don't understand is, why aren't ALL of you here too? In artists' heaven?  I wish you were!

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