Tuesday, April 22, 2014

More color, more color!

Recently, one of the artist groups I belong to (Birmingham Society of Women Painters) held a group critique, asking a well known local artist to come critique our work.  Most members brought in one or more of their paintings, the original, framed or unframed. This group works in all manners of media, oil, pastel, collage, watercolor, you name it.  But what was consistent  and remarkable (we all remarked on it!)  on this particular day was that everyone had just been through the same long Michigan winter.  I never saw so many colorful paintings. 
And here is my contribution to that trend. They were all stacked ready to go to the photographer, when I started looking at them (they needed some kind of title penciled on, so he knows how to name the files).  I guess I needed color, too  -   these are January, February, March, and a bit of April. FYI, the two in the center are from Kanuga.


  1. You can't go wrong with More Color! Your work is lovely, and congrats on getting into your Michigan show. Stabin is right - paint what you want to paint; if it's good, it will get into a show and that will mean more to you when it does.

  2. You're making your own weather with those colors! That is a nice showing of work for one winter. They make me think of cloisonne or brocaded fabric, luscious and beautiful.

  3. Oh, my! What a gorgeous set of paintings and the color is just wonderful (we all were craving color after such a long winter).