Friday, January 31, 2014

A little still life

I decided to tackle a little still life (8x10) this week, just to get away from those abstracts that are sort of driving me nuts right now.

The first picture is after one day. It looks lots better here than in person, for some reason: the glass objects in the actual painting just do NOT have the shine I see here. What's that about? Just because I shrunk it down?

Then I did the strange thing with a pinky-brown wash plus coarse salt, and just HATED that result.  again, it doesn't look as bad here as it did in person, and you are just going to have to trust me on that. Also, the design on the enamel plate was pointing out of the picture which also annoyed me.

So today I did a makeover.  I THINK it looks better. Probably overworked, as is usual with me (Laura, I still hope someday to paint this the way I think you would . . .  let me know if you want the source photo so I can see how it SHOULD be painted!)

(BTW: I'm referring to Laura's Watercolors -  I follow her blog and she just finished 30 paintings in 30 days. You should go see them here and tell her how GREAT they all are - and why!)


  1. How I would paint it ... in a big wet mess, you mean? ;-) It's funny, I have a lot of cobalt glass (everything in my house is blue) but I find it very hard to paint, maybe because, it being so strong a color itself, it's hard to see other colors in it?
    I always love your sense of design, and here too, the way the objects are in a line ...
    And thank you for the compliment on my paintings--I admire your work so much I'm delighted you like mine!

  2. Ptg. 2 has a better b/g, but I like the glass in ptg. 1 better - isn't that always the way, it's getting everything to look good together that's the hard part! But I'm sure you are being too hard on yourself again - and painting small is amazing to me, can't imagine tiny, except in my details!

  3. That's poor photography the second time, or maybe extra GOOD photography the first time. Actually didn't touch the glass! I did try to take it a few times and couldn't get the glassware to show up as nicely as in that first one.

  4. I love blue glass and would love to see this one in person. I can relate to the difficulties of getting a good photo. I took a look through your gallery and I must say that I was delighted. Your paintings are lovely and I your background work is wonderful. Also thank you so much for stopping by my blog and your kind comment.