Sunday, January 26, 2014

The problem with posting WIPs

Ya gotta admire the people who usually do this, posting their paintings as they go along, never knowing how it will turn out. If I'm smart, I won't be doing this again.  This one is going downhill fast. Hope you AND I learn something from seeing the steps I'm going through.

BTW, I've just, in the past few days, created a Facebook page - not sure why - to parallel this blog.  I think I'm supposed to "dual-post" entries like this.  Maybe so Facebook-not-blog-readers get to see it? 

And why DO we blog and post?  I think I need to think about that. Why do YOU blog?


  1. First off, I don't think this is going all that badly. It's not over until it's over. I frequently post works in progress on my blog. Not because I'm that confident but because my visitors love to see a painting 'in the works'. It's also a commitment on my part to see the thing through, no matter what the outcome. I also decided a few years ago I don't want to be that artist that gives the impression everything I create turns out to be successful. I know for a fact that some very successful artists occasionally produce a dud because they will admit it and I admire their honesty and that makes them relatable. BTW, I'm happy to see you on FB! I have my blog networked into Facebook so every time I update my blog it can be seen on that site as well.

    As for blogging, I chose blogging to create an online presence for myself and to showcase my art. Also because I couldn't afford a website. LOL Websites can tend to become very static and honestly, I enjoy the feedback a blog can offer. It's also a marketing tool as is Facebook. Some years I've sold more work via Facebook than at the gallery.

    1. So that's the NEXT thing I will need to learn: how to have my blog posts show up on Facebook. Hope it's easy!!! Thanks for the encouragement, Billie.

      BTW - are you going to be entering the MWCS annual this year? Deadline is approaching!

  2. Hi Katherine,

    I do know why I blog. I do it because I get to see work by people like you. It sounds like you were having a bad day, but your work doesn't show it at all. I love works in progress, and have a lot of them on my blog right now. Take care,
    XOXOXO Barbara