Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Kanuga: the excitement builds

Pat McGraw and I are thrilled to be heading to the Kanuga Watermedia Workshops (near Hendersonville, North Carolina) for a second year in a row.  What a great time we had last year! This year we are again in two different classes, suiting our respective styles and preferences.  My instructor is Judy Morris (click here to check out her website), and Pat is signed up with Carrie Burns Brown (and click HERE to see a Youtube video about her workshops).

Each of our homes, this week, is chaos as we plan and pack for a Week at Art Camp!  Art supplies, clothes for any and all kinds of weather, maps, cameras, our netbooks (can't go COMPLETELY off line). 

Tomorrow, Thursday,  I will borrow my sister's van so we will have LOTS of space this year, and we will leave on Friday, giving us two days to get there (the easy lazy way).  I expect I'll be posting more about the event as the weekend and the week goes by: maybe I'll even be able to post pictures. Fingers crossed!

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  1. Hope you have a wonderful time. Thanks for stopping by here on your way!!!!! We love you.