Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Excitement Builds - MWCS Annual Exhibition, AND Kanuga - all in one week!

Why Must It be Red?

The week started out with a committee meeting of the MWCS board, reviewing and proofing the results received from Pat Dews, juror for the 66th annual exhibition. This was held at my home, central for the four who worked on this step.  It was quite exciting, being part of the process.  I got to hear which artists entered, who got one of their paintings accepted, who got both, who got none. Imagine my pleasure to have had one of mine accepted this year.

It was an unusual year in that a number of artists who have steadily had their art accepted, year after year,  were NOT included,  while quite a few who were newcomers or had not been accepted before, were. This, I think, is probably a good thing, although difficult  for those who are accustomed to being included.  It indicates to me that the juror was looking with fresh eyes at all the marvelous artwork that comes out of Michigan. And the excitement and joy of those who are newly selected is wonderful to see and hear.
The painting I had accepted was this one.   I don’t have truly high hopes of hearing from the juror WHY my painting was included -    she’ll be too busy for that.   But  I  liked it enough to enter it, so I guess that’s enough to know for now.

Tomorrow the four of us begin our trip to Kanuga Watermedia Workshops, near Hendersonville, NC.  I promise to post some additional information about that experience as it unwinds – needless to say we are VERY excited and ready to go!

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