Monday, April 8, 2013

Kanuga 2013, Day One (Mike Bailey's workshop)

Wish I knew how to post a sound clip. Spent today's workshop session, besides two 90-minute stints of painting, chanting, singing, and yelling. I'm missing the last week of choir rehearsals back in Michigan, but here at Kanuga, we have formed a chorus in our class of 26 students:  We shouted (at times)  LINE!!! SIZE!!!! SHAPE!!!!!!!! DIRECTION!!!! COLOR !!! VALUE !!! TEXTURE!!!!.  Note: those are the 7 elements of design.    We shouted these so often that I'm pretty sure I'm not allowed to change the sequence.  L! S! S! D! C! V! T!

Of course, these were not new to anyone any the class. We've heard them before. And had handouts that listed them. And illustrations of what they were.

But Mike Bailey has a unique and intense way of describing and teaching them so that (we do hope) they will remain as our new way of thinking about art, whether it is ours or others.

Banish the words love, like, dislike, hate from our art vocabulary. They don't convey any useful information.

Anyway, an exhausting and intensive and educational Day One, and I for one am satified!

More later. Meanwhile a picture  of two ugly painting   (I wonder if "ugly" is allowed?). I'm SO impressed with the artists who can come here to learn something completely new, incorporate it into their art, AND achieve something lovely right away.  Won't ever happen to me. See?


  1. I never even dream of painting anything "good" when in a workshop - too much brain energy is being expended in learning. Thanks for sharing this - I may have to incorporate that chant until I get it, too, and it becomes part of me while I'm painting :) I know learning from Mike had to be an intense and fun and draining week! And the only thing I see missing from your works done is bold color - you've got all the others!

  2. And tomorrow morning (Monday) I get to go back into my studio, (just a room in the basement that is all mine) and try to get that bold color and everything else working. At one time! Like juggling, I guess.
    Happy painting, Rhonda. I've added your blog to my "blog roll" so I won't forget to check it often.