Monday, April 15, 2013

POST-Kanuga, Day One

I was way too busy at Kanuga to post any more. Never even had time to take that lovely walk around the lake.

But here I am on the first Monday Morning after Kanuga, ready to get started. I spent breakfast time doing thumbnails (something Mike Bailey indicated he often did on painting days - or maybe every day), and re-reading all of Mike's very useful articles (you can download the .pdfs from his web site. Wait, I'll help:  Click HERE to find them!).

Thought I should check my email, and back up my PC (lots of new images I'd hate to lose) before going to down to my basement studio, so here I am. But I'm excited and energized about spending more time looking at my design and content, and letting technique follow along behind for a change.

The hard part, I know, will be looking at the half-finished pieces I left behind before taking Mike's brain-changing workshop.  I think they will have all morphed from "potential paintings" to "just a piece of paper".
Oh well.

If anyone else from Mike's class at Kanuga sees this, PLEASE stay in touch, drop a comment, and let me know if YOU are starting a series, or at least working differently than two weeks ago!  Also, I'll bet we'd ALL like to know if any of you got a Good Painting out of the workshop, rather than just an exercise (we know Sandy did . . .)

These are the (unfinished) exercises from the second, third, and fourth days of the class.  If I decide to work on them more, the two with flat shapes will probably get an overdose of pattern, just for the fun of it. The wet-in-wet painting, below,  was an interesting experiment, not my style at all, but an attempt to find 'serenity' in class.


  1. Hey Katherine! I too came home from Kanuga charged with excitement about applying all the things I learned to my painting. Your last painting in the workshop was wonderful. I am very anxious to recompose the painting I was just starting before I left for the workshop. It will be different for sure - BETTER!

  2. Hi Katherine, Thank you for stopping by my blog - it is great to read your thoughts about the workshop! And I really like the work you've posted!