Monday, March 18, 2013

Disaster in the studio

No, nothing flooded or broke. But that painting with the morning glories (revisit that post by clicking HERE), which I was told was not really done? It’s now probably trash.    It’s so bad, I have no intention of posting a pictures of the current “after” to compare to the before.  It’s too too embarrassing how badly that painting has crashed and burned.  Well, I’ve read and repeated, the goal is to try for the best painting possible, even if it means ruining a few along the way. That one is well and truly ruined, I do believe.

Instead of posting that, here are the “before”  and after" of an experiment I worked on a  week ago.  I set a goal of using still life objects in a simple composition, choosing a limited palette, and then going overboard with pattern, to find out when is it Too Much. 
The "before"  was taken at the first pause to reflect.  I decided that I liked the subtle hues, I liked the repeated shapes and patterns. What I didn’t like was the lack of contrast and therefore drama that I often attempt in my paintings.  So, the “after”  version reflects a serious change to a lot of values.  I think it helped  for the overall painting, although the posted images here don't look that different to me now. I do still like the palette and the pattern.    I don’t think it’s a work I’d show or enter anywhere.  But it’s not a disaster like the one I’m not showing you at ALL!!!

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