Sunday, March 10, 2013

What's everyone ELSE painting?

Yesterday was the annual presentation of paintings submitted to be juried into the 66th annual Michigan Watercolor Society Exhibition.     Some 200 paintings from more than 100 artists were shown (in silence -commentary is discouraged!), to fellow artists and visitors. I love this event every year, although there are some drawbacks. 

For one thing, one often sees one’s own work very differently when it is suddenly projected 6 feet high in a darkened room in front of all the other artists.  The painting may look better than you thought. But, more often, for me,  disappointing: sometimes the composition or color or drama is lost. 

Another drawback of the event is that of the 200 artworks, only 65 or 70 will make it into the upcoming exhibit  (this year to be juried by Pat Dews).  Many many many more than 70 were beautiful and/or interesting, absolutely deserving a closer look,   a  second and third look.  But this was the only time to see them, and only for eight seconds each!

With so many wonderful artworks for the juror to choose from,  I recognize right now that if my paintings aren’t selected (as they weren’t last year, oh well), they are STILL in very good company.  It is inevitable that many good paintings will not be in the show.  If with good fortune either of mine ARE selected, wow.  What a compliment and ego boost that will be.

I enjoyed, as usual, seeing what everyone else is painting these days.  Each year the mix seems to change – I sort of wish I could chart it. This year, fewer flowers, fewer landscapes, fewer dogs and other animals, but, along with abstracts of various natures, more figures and portraits.

The juror will get the images in the next few days, and will return her results to the board before the end of March.  A small committee will process the results to get them into the mail on time: look for your results in early April.

 Fingers crossed. For myself, and everyone else!

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