Saturday, February 8, 2014

Thanks for all the help!

I think I took a page of advice from each of you who were nice enough to
offer your help.  All the feedback was much appreciated.  The dark circle, thankfully, was easy to paint back in, in spite of the scrubbing.   The background pattern now balances the dark, much better than when it was against a raw white background.  The only thing left is to decide on the crop  (I tried to upload pictures of it all three ways but, strangely, the tight square crop keeps turning itself 90 degrees when it gets into Blogger. Wish I understood that.  Also, I seem to have trouble arranging my text and pictures the way I'd like. Something else to study up on).

I think I have an available frame in the full size - it currently holds a disappointing painting that also needs some rethinking.  I will pull that one apart, and drop this painting in, then hang it in the dining room for a while to think . . more slowly than previously.
And on to the next adventure.  Thanks again, friends.


  1. Really like the cropped version and the restored black circle!

  2. Hurray for you - this is PERFECT and GORGEOUS!

  3. Yes, gorgeous! The lily itself is so lovely (my favorite flower); the shapes are beautiful. And I always really love your backgrounds.
    (Sorry I missed the previous post--too much work--but I don't think I could've offered any helpful advice anyway: I think your instincts are superb!)