Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Save the Detroit Institute of Arts

At this time there's a lot of denial floating around, but there seems to be a true risk of bankrupt Detroit having to sell off  parts of the beautiful collection of the Detroit Institute of Arts (DIA).

This would be a shame for art lovers everywhere, and would not solve Detroit's problems.  Recently I learned of a petition we can sign online to at least express our viewpoint of this terrible idea.

I've signed it, and I've forwarded the link to my artist friends.  Please consider visiting this site and signing as well  As an artist or art lover,  whether from this area or from another city or state, you owe it to the next generations to prevent this collection from being ravaged.

The Petition states:

There is talk of selling art owned by the City of Detroit, contained within the Detroit Institute of Arts, to pay off the city's debt. This to me would like New York City selling the Statue of Liberty, or Washington D.C. selling the Washington Monument. If we designate the Detroit Institute of Arts, including all of the treasures within, as a national monument, this would protect and preserve them for future generations.

Please follow this link to sign the petition. SIGN HERE   
Or leave me a comment if  you have a good reason NOT to sign, I'm interested.   
Thanks so much.

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  1. Thank you for this link. I heard about this on NPR--what a tragedy it would be; it seems to me when we're hurting in other ways is when we most need our cultural capital.