Friday, August 9, 2013

A Breakthrough?

I just finished the second of these two paintings, the abstracted one, below, and am excited to share them both right away.  The more literal image, at left, was "finished" a month or so ago, but modified again just recently.  These paintings feel very right to me:  They feel like Mine, and mine alone,  but with steps forward.

I want to continue this progress, but have to think about what it took me to get here (first credit goes to workshops with with Judy Morris,  Mike Bailey, and  Marilynn Derwenskus, all in the past year and a half - I recognize all their influences).

What I did, what I want to do again: I  zoomed in on the dogwood petals to satisfy  my need to feature the architectural and bold shapes, and to push composition.  I'll need to think "macro" again. By starting with a fully representational image, I learned it well enough to step away on the second version, and to use the bold shapes abstractly: not my normal path at all. But I think I can do that again as well.  And I got to use my patterns, which I love dearly (I just need to keep them subtle enough).

The last painting I posted (laundry on a line) came back to haunt me after a while: I kept seeing it on the screen and have decided I don't like it at all. I sure hope I haven't jinxed myself by posting THESE two, which, right now, I am very very happy with.

(A quick special shout out of thanks to Mike Bailey for the bonus lesson at Kanuga, showing how he stretches W/C paper: these stayed SO smooth and crisp and flat even with the soggiest of washes and floated colors, and came off the board ready to frame - without the ironing I've resorted to in the past!)


  1. Katherine, these are gorgeous! I can see that you have really synthesized the lessons you've had this past year and made it all work for you. These are award-worthy - hope you enter them in a competition.

  2. I definitely agree with Kathy - these are perfect and so worthy of awards - and you are gaining a definite look to these that is all your own :)

  3. Bring these to our next meeting so I can see them in person! Also could you give us a quick lesson in paper stretching? Susan thought it was not worth the time but I do get tired of the bumps to deal with after painting.

  4. These are gorgeous, Katharine. I really admire, for one thing, the way you divide the space--a design issue I always struggle with. These are striking!

  5. Oh these are amazing, Katherine. Love love love! the color, the shapes, the ideas, it's the kind of thing that just spirals around in your head. Thank you for sharing!!!!