Thursday, August 8, 2013

Acceptance is wonderful !

Social Climbers
"Social Climbers" is one of two paintings of mine accepted this year for the Our Town Exhibition held annually at the Birmingham Community House.  It's a short exhibit, meant to generate sales to raise funds for the Community House's many programs.  It begins with a splash of a party, an additional fundraiser.   This is one reason I am always happy to fork out the application fee: artists in the show are invited to the reception gratis.   Also, last year  both of my two paintings that were accepted were sold: so I have that to live up to.

In any case, this is wonderful news to hear, just before vacation. Like a birthday present. The vacation itself is a birthday present, of course, with the frosting being that, each year the Perseid meteor is "held" in honor of my birthday.  We always try to get to our cabin on the lake for that week, so we have the premium night sky to help us enjoy (wish us luck either staying awake or getting up in the wee hours).


  1. This is gorgeous with so much visual interest, a true work of art and also a beautiful rendering. Wow!

    1. Thank you, Rhonda. I admire your work so much, a compliment from you means a lot.

  2. Congratulations! Beautiful handling of the orange-blue complements, which, I confess, is the complement that makes my heart go zing!