Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lost in Space and Line

I need a better path back from these ‘dry spells’ when art takes a back seat for too long.   I haven’t touched brush to paper in about a month, and the passion driving the two unfinished paintings in the studio has dissipated. 
I’ve mentally written 2 or 3 or 4 blog entries, though, often in the middle of the night.  Somehow I have to turn those ideas into something like a project, involving paper, ink, paint!
COLOR – Thought - and read - a lot about this recently.  What colors make my ‘heart sing’?  (That’s Pat M’s expression, and what a good one for evaluating art). Usually, although often I don’t much LIKE abstracts (please don’t spread that around, it’s my guilty secret), the paintings with singing color are just that: perhaps because the abstract artist can abandon local color.  When I’ve frozen in front of a painting for its color, it’s often abstract, with acres of neutrals/grays/muds, and a jewel of a spot with a BIT of glorious, pure color.  How can I figure out how to achieve this when my subject is, so often, flowers?
LINE and DRAWING – recent success with a ball point pen: successful both in the result on paper ( a good likeness of a friend’s cat which I have failed to capture with several attempts painting), and more success in that I was in that wonderful zone, when I know I’m spending my time in the Right Way.
But – what to do next with all this in mind? It’s a puzzlement!

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