Tuesday, August 14, 2012

All Girls, No Boys in Our Town

I hate having a post without an illustration, but the summer has not been a good one for creativity time.  It's been a good summer, don't get me wrong. But the basement studio has not been used to the best purposes in recent months: more often a dormitory for extra cats than an artistic haven. Oh well. Winter seems to be my creative season. And, sorry all:  winter IS on its way!

I am feeling more encouraged, actually,  about my art.  The Sisters of the Brush will have our third exhibit at Lawrence Street Gallery, which begins in September. Each of us will have about 6 works in the show, and we hope to manage some note cards as well.   For more information about the reception, check out the Sisters of the Brush web site.Maybe you've received a postcard from one of us or from Lawrence Street Gallery. If you didn't, and wish you did, be sure to find our contact-us page and let us know!

Also I'm very pleased to have had two paintings accepted into the Our Town exhibit that's held every year at the Birmingham Community House in October.  Always a pleasure to have been selected, because the artists are invited, (free!) to the opening reception which is QUITE a shindig.  Okay, it's also terrific artwork and a lovely venue too.

It's not been my best  year for success with submissions, so having a couple coming up is reassuring. The problem now is, the BSWP (Birmingham Society of Women Painters) annual exhibit is also coming up.   The work entered in this juried exhibit is always quite strong - I've been VERY lucky to have had artwork accepted both of the first two years I entered, and also was awarded honorable mentions each time. HOWEVER - I just don't know what work I have right now that I feel honors the high standards of this group.  Of my current work, the best are already committed to "All Girls, No Boys" and to Our Town.  Can I create something new of  adequate caliber, in only a few weeks?  Unlikely.  Maybe that will have to be next year.

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  1. There is something to this idea of cycles. M is going through one, and took off for Colorado. Yay for him! I think cycles incubate stuff, and your early summer was so seminal in so many ways, that maybe you needed the "off" season.

    Sorry I missed your b'day. I love you! J