Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kingsford has become Bubastis

Some of you have asked for further information about Kingsford the Short-Tail cat.  Well, he's not our baby anymore.  But I just got an update from his new partner in life, KB.  I will include her words here - obviously we are pretty thrilled at just how lucky Kingsford has been.

"I ended up re-naming him after all. His name is now Bubastis. It was an ancient Egyptian city, the largest dedicated to the worship of Bast (the Egyptian cat goddess) and cats in general. The name is also referenced in one of my favorite graphic novels. One of the characters lives in solitude, his only companion his lynx named Bubastis. I figured, since he's missing a great portion of his tail, he looks a bit like a lynx, and the name seemed fitting. I call him Bubs for short. 

He and I have become quite a couple. As I'm often out and about, I've taken to bringing him with me. He even walks on a leash! People generally seem to be pretty impressed with him. He's so fearless and very talkative. He's managed to convince three of my friends that have always been "dog people", that cats can be awesome too."

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  1. What a wonderful ending to your saga. So happy for Bubs (and KB).