Saturday, June 30, 2012

A HOT summer for artistic pursuits

About this heat, all I can say is, thank goodness my studio is in the cool basement.

A VERY active summer for art so far this year.  The Sisters of the Brush have had our work displayed for the past month at the Bean and Leaf coffee shop in Rochester. That display comes down tomorrow, but instead,  a NEW exhibit goes up at the Fieldstone Winery.  This neat place   has an agreement with the Firebrick Studio and Gallery to hang artwork and hold (wine-tasting!) receptions as well, and the SOBs were invited to fill in for the month of July.  Note that the (wine-tasting!) reception for our group will be held on Friday, July 20th, from 6 – 9 pm. It is hoped  (by every business on Main Street!) that by then the road construction that has brought the town of Rochester to its knees will be ending.  In any case you need to check out both the Firebrick Gallery (great artwork and gifts) and the Fieldstone Winery (excellent wine, and so much fun to make and bottle your own!)
Iris Tapestry I  (watercolor) - 11 x 14 framed.

These are my paintings that were hanging at the Bean and Leaf. The "tapestry" behind the iris blossom is invented of course, but even so required some inspiration - can you detect what inspired that pattern?

The cat in the next painting is my mother-in-law's Archie, named after her late husband.  Archie turned out to be a girl, but kept her name so that Irene would have someone by that name to talk to all day.  The pearls are NOT really hers.  And they are NOT really pearls, either, but that's another story.
I do hope you will be able to come by Fieldstone Winery to see which  paintings will be hanging there: I might post them here AFTER the show comes down.
My very newest paintings  –  NINE pieces finished in the past few months! -  are currently being photographed by Eric Law.   One or more may get entered in the Our Town competition, and others will be  getting  framed and ready for the Sisters of the Brush exhibit to be held at Lawrence St Gallery in September.  The reception for that event will be held on Thursday, September 6th,  from 6 – 9pm. We are certainly hoping to see many of our friends there!
It's Mine Now (watercolor on gesso) - 12 x 17 framed.

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  1. Sept 6th eh? We shall see....

    However did you capture the look in Archie's eye(s)?!?!?!