Sunday, June 3, 2012

EPILOGUE - the story of Kingsford

A happy ending for a cat who must be in seventh heaven right about now.
First, big thanks to friend Kristen – one of the Sisters of the Brush -  who told her friends/colleagues who told THEIR friends/colleagues, all via email, blog, and Facebook, all about Kingsford’s dilemma.     We had someone interested in adopting him even before his sutures came out!

 KB submitted an application (online) to PAAW, and passed the approval process with flying colors.  Shortly after that,  KB came by to meet Kingsford in person, and we all agreed they were an extremely compatible couple.    Once Kingsford’s sutures had been removed (he also needed to be “chipped” for identification),  we monitored him for a couple of days to be sure he wasn’t chewing the end of his tail.  Feeling that he was fully recovered (except for needing some fur on his “wrists” and tail) we arranged for  KB to came back over Saturday morning.  We finalized the adoption, gave Kingsford a big hug, and waved goodbye as KB took him to his new forever home.

Honestly, he was the sweetest cat, but we are not missing his company much at all.  We are glad to have our sunroom back in normal use, I especially appreciate having my studio ready for the coming week, and we will NEVER miss those middle of the night or early morning sessions when Kingsford would cry or try to dig through the glass sunroom door with his declawed paws.   Lew is also pretty happy to have the sunroom back: it’s really the only sunshine-basking place  in the house, which he had given up (note to Lew: Shasta has given the sunroom up to YOU, and I don’t recall you thanking her for that).
The only conclusions to the story which we are still missing are whether Kingsford will have a new name of his very own (after all, he was only “Kingsford” for the month he was with us), and we want to see pictures of him when his cute waggy tail has regrown its fur.  Are you reading this, KB?

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