Sunday, May 20, 2012

How DID this tale end? An update on Kingsford – now a truly unique black cat

Handsome, isn't he?

We'd like to ask a favor for when you meet Kingsford.  Tell him how becoming his new, fashionably short tail is.  We almost have him convinced.

This is not a lie:  just foretelling the future.  Right now, he is - okay, unique looking.  His tail is about 5 inches long, with a cluster of stiff sutures at the end.  The tail itself is completely shaved, as is a perfect circle around the base of the tail, as are both his wrists.   Kingsford is starting into the third week of 24/7 in the undignified e-collar (or cone), and still has about 10 days to go in it.    But this still outgoing and happy cat WILL be a handsome charmer again when the sutures come out, the e-collar comes off, and his tail regains its glossy black fur.

We have a couple of additional favors to ask as well.
First, Kingsford’s medical expenses, especially the cost of amputation surgery, have now hit the PAAW budget, less what we were able to cover. PAAW funds are used to feed, lodge, and especially provide medical care for stray, often injured cats.  If you can please donate $10 or $15 or more to the cause, they’ll be able to step up and help the next cat that shows up singed or broken or painted, or (don’t ask).  For more information on how to do this, please read to the end.
Long long long naps while healing.

Second, Kingsford deserves a really good home, foster or permanent.   The space we were able to carve out for him here is not great, and is certainly pretty disruptive for us and our own cat family.    And, of course, this can only be temporary, while his tail heals.  This exceptionally cuddly and playful cat is almost ready to be the perfect companion for someone. He seems to tolerate other cats well, and they him.   We can attest that  he and Lew are compatible, although, full disclosure here, Shasta does NOT approve – of Lew OR Kingsford. (another story altogether).
If you can think of someone ready to grow their cat family, please refer them to, or have them contact us or leave a comment on my blog. 

And, if you are willing/able to help financially – for those with a PayPal account, it’s easiest to click here to go to and  then click on the DONATE button.      Otherwise, send a check made out  to P.A.A.W.  to us – we’ll get it to the right place - , or directly to  :   PO Box 1573,    Warren,     MI 48090

(unlike some organizations that shall remain nameless here, PAAW will not spend this money flooding your mailbox with  cr** … pardon me,  I mean useless stuff)

Oh please don't take my picture again.
Thanks so much for caring. This unexpected challenge and responsibility has been more difficult than we were prepared for, but knowing that others care so much too has been great support!

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  1. Oh he is a darling. Honestly. But we're overwhelmed (as you may have noticed) with our 3 and the doggie. I will make a donation. This last picture on the page is so unutterably sweet, isn't it? Surely Someone will want him. He has that sweetness and a kind of nobility too, I think, from the looks of him. Give him a lovely hug from me.