Friday, May 4, 2012

Finally, a painting from my Kanuga Workshop

I did 90% of the work on this AFTER I got home, due to the amount of time I spent in Judy Morris's workshop making color studies and value studies before starting to paint.  I'm very happy with the results of this effort, as it used nearly all of the processes I learned from Judy while at Kanuga. Please forgive the poor photography, I was too excited about getting it done and posted to set up my normal "art photography" studio.

The edges are "deckled" with torn artists tape.  The flower pot is a salt texture.  The washes are EVER so carefully done, and pretty good (for me).  The shadow was painted separately instead of being a wash over the previous color of the cloth.  The minimal pattern on the table cloth is script, saying 'primrose'.  I used a jury-rigged light box to paint that so that I didn't have pencil marks everywhere.  I used a 'stencil' of clear contact paper to lift some of the blossom colors when they got too dark.      And, what made me the happiest, was the pallette I used for this. It was a triad I worked out that gave me the colors I wanted to see.  This painting is done with just alizarin crimson, cerulean blue, and quinacridone burnt orange. Yes, even the greens.


  1. GORGEOUS!!!!! I love everything about this one!

  2. Is this one in any of your shows? Is it available?