Saturday, August 30, 2014

Summertime painting

Pleased to say that two of my three submissions to the Our Town 2015 show/sale were accepted (no, not the paintings shown here: I'll post them later on).  That's a welcome pat on the back near the end of summertime which, for me, is traditionally my time of LEAST painting.  And, you might notice, least posting.

To those blogging art friends who have kept it up  (both their art and posting), congratulations on both, and, although I've not taken time to post comments, I have been watching your successes - many of them!

I actually did do some summertime painting too, though, this year, some of it at our cottage, most at home on the rainy days.  I decided to make summer painting into a 'Hobby', and not challenge myself. The goal was to make it fun and easy. In pursuit of that I stretched quarter sheets, half the size I've been working on usually.  I found interesting source photos - just fairly unchallenging still-lifes - did drawings, picked a few,  transferred the drawings to the paper, and then just carried the results and a small pallette with me up north.  Rainy days there were frequent this summer, and with   less to do in bad weather than when at home,  I got my painting time.  Two of the finished results are shown (very casual photography).  Anyway I like 'em, and even more, I liked painting them.

Hope you've had that much fun with art this summer. If not,  just wait. Those other seasons that shall remain nameless are indeed approaching, and maybe you'll find more time to get inside and make art.


  1. I like these, too, and congratulations on being accepted into the show!

  2. Way to use a rainy day productively. My family has taken up a lot of my painting time this summer. Trying to get back at it.

  3. What a great idea to consciously and deliberately scale it back for a bit ... I bet you produced some lovely work, and had fun too.
    Not much painting for me this summer--so many distractions! I wish I had tried what you did--but trying to get back into painting and blogging now. (Fingers crossed.)