Sunday, June 23, 2013

Too many workshops, too little time

Workshops are so rewarding. Sometimes.  Especially after the last two, I have come home full of new ideas, new plans, new attitudes towards my artwork and painting.  Ready to spend hours in the studio pursuing these ideas.
 However, with summer upon us, I generally have little time to paint until fall, and, this year with elder care responsibilities taking first priority, the time to paint has shrunk and, more importantly, splintered into little shards of time. 
I find that the bits of time do nothing for my ability to reclaim and revisit the lessons I thought would guide my painting for the coming months. I’ve  ruined so much paper in recent weeks, attempting to do that.  And not had time (or energy) to analyze the failures to learn from them.
So I’m surrendering (for now). I need to recapture the enjoyment of  painting time, regardless of any progress I may not experience.  I’m going back to flowers and cats, painted from my own source photos.  I made the decision a couple of days ago.  And am a much happier woman, even if not a better artist!

What do YOU do when you have the ideas and the energy but not the time? Is there a way to keep a new spark alive other than shutting yourself away in the studio for hours?  Ideas and suggestions are welcome!

 These three images represent my recent stuggles, in sequence:  getting worse and more confused with each one.Don't even ASK about that third mess, on the right.  Ideas from every place stuck into it!

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