Friday, February 15, 2013

Little Shop of Horrors?

I said I’d post again to show how the  shapes I was starting with  became a painting.  I love the subtle colors and  contrasts in this painting, they are so different from my usual color decisions and probably overly dramatic lighting and contrast (see Momentary Revelation, at left). I was also happy with the almost invisible pattern that I added to the background, using the light table which is my new favorite art tool.
This painting feels gentle to me. 
However, the more I look at the finished product, the more I see something else .  . . have I inadvertently invoked the Little Shop of Horrors? I finished up those (tiny) blossoms, and now they look a bit toothy to me.  And once that popped into my head, the other burro’s tail strand is a bit like the water monster in “The Abyss”, and seems to be coming forward.      Hmmmm. Gentle yet threatening.  Not a combination I can remember achieving before.
I’d be interested to hear what others are seeing in this painting. 

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