Thursday, August 11, 2011

Bringing it up to date: a busy fall approaches

Apologies, this was seriously out of date. A long hot summer moves on.    The May-June show of the Sisters of the Brush at the Martha Maxwell Gallery is long over, and we've had another one day group show at OCC, during the Oakland Leadership Conference. 

The big news now is our upcoming show at the Ennis and Nancy Ham Library, on the campus of Rochester College.  The show will be hung on or about Labor Day.  We have decided to have a CLOSING reception instead of an opening reception for a number of reasons, not least of which is that it gives us longer to plan for it!   One of the features of this reception will be a silent auction of select contributed artwork. The full proceeds of the auction will be donated to the Mary McCarthy Anderson Scholarship fund.    For full details about this event, follow this link to the Sisters of the Brush web site.

And that's the other big announcement.  This - -  is my new creation: I've spent most of July learning how and then creating this website to help connect the Sisters of the Brush together and to the art community.  Be forewarned, as of this date the Sisters have not yet had their say about the site, so its design flaws and errors are all mine.  It started out to be a chore, too much like being back at work in the IT department of Doctors Hospital.  But eventually I rounded the learning curve for the particular web hosting software I was stuck with, and started having a good and creative time.

New paintings for the October show that I will share with Pat McGraw are coming along, and I will be framing 7 more next week in an effort to be ready for that, for "Together in Spirit", for Our Town (should my work be accepted), and for the Festival of the Arts at Nativity Episcopal Church (again, should my work be accepted).  Seems like I've fogotten something. Oh. Two paintings to frame to be entered in the BSWP annual competition, this year titled "Fields of Visions". Phew. I'd better get done with this computer stuff and get busy!

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