Sunday, May 15, 2011

One less Sister, and a lost Connection

We were to be celebrating on May 6, when we held an "opening" for our Sisters of the Brush show "Connections" in Birmingham.  But instead we were shellshocked and grieving. The morning of the opening we learned that, only the day before,  Mary McCarthy Anderson died.  Mary was a mother, grandmother, lawyer, and, most important to our group,  artist.  She was smart and intense and caring and fun. She was the one who, without letting a second go by, knew that our Sisters of the Brush moniker would tie us together forever as SOBs.

We have dedicated the show to Mary, as she worked up to the end on the two wonderful paintings that she managed to finish and frame in time for the show. She told friends that it was the best hour of her day when she was able to paint. And we are so glad she had a goal and reason to paint in those final days.  See below for an image of one of my favorite "Anderson" painting.

First Light by Mary McCarthy Anderson

The information about the show is shown above left, but at this time it has been extended to the end of June.  Each of the nine of us has two artworks included.  We've received a number of lovely compliments on the show, so I don't think it's just us thinking it's successful.  If you have a chance, please stop by. It's on the second floor of the Birmingham Community House.

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