Friday, February 11, 2011

A new year and new goals . . .

Unofficial New Years' Resolution: This is the second calendar year of my retirement and of tackling my dream of being a "real" artist.   So get started already!  As a result, here is my BLOG, which will likely be used more like a web site.   I won't be writing much - I'm not into wordcraft, and you should therefore be grateful that I am sparing you.

Instead, this will include information about the shows I hope to get into, the shows I have gotten into, what I'm working on, and what my art looks like.

I'd also like to profile the various wonderful artists with whom I claim friendship.  For those that have a  web presence, I'll provide links, for others I'll present some images of their artwork here if that's okay with them.

I expect this site may change only a few times a year, at least in any major way: don't plan on checking back daily to find out what I had for breakfast and how soon I got into the studio. 

However, when I do manage to get something into a juried show, or start a new series - I'll likely post it here. And when enough changes accumulate to make it worth your time, I may drop folks a quick email to take a look.   If you'd like to be included in that "blast", be sure to drop me a note or comment so I can add you to my list.

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