Monday, June 9, 2014

MWCS Members Award!

Although I've been a member of this organization for a number of years, I'm not exactly sure what "Members Award" exactly means . . . Except that I'm a member and . . . I got it!

Saturday was the big day - the Michigan Water Color Society's 67th Annual Exhibition - which included a critique by juror Paul Jackson in the morning, a convivial and well attended board luncheon at midday, a lecture by the juror in the afternoon, and finally the awards ceremony we had all (well, I had) been waiting for!

I'm very honored by being chosen for one of the awards: the company of the thirteen award winning artists is of the highest caliber.  If you don't believe me, write to me to buy one of  our beautiful catalogs!! (Sorry: fund raising never ends. But the catalogs really are lovely
- and only $15).

Anyway, my husband reminded me to get a picture taken with the award winning painting  ("Treepodia"), so here it is for your perusal!

Monday, June 2, 2014

MWCS 67th Annual at Greater Flint Arts Council

 That's my painting (MINE!) in the upper left of the postcard and the poster for this event.  I actually had two paintings accepted into the show, a first for me, and have been feeling guilty and apologizing ever since (the large number of double-selections means that a lot of friends who submitted  amazingly wonderful paintings WEREN'T included - not ideal).

I was part of the little "committee" doing intake in Flint on Saturday, making sure all 70 paintings got there, had boxes, had wires, had white mats, had return shipping labels if need be. A wild and crazy 4 hours indeed, and not enough time to look closely at the incredible artwork.  THAT will be this coming Saturday. Hope to see you there!

For directions to GFAC, follow this link.