Thursday, July 26, 2012

Lost in Space and Line

I need a better path back from these ‘dry spells’ when art takes a back seat for too long.   I haven’t touched brush to paper in about a month, and the passion driving the two unfinished paintings in the studio has dissipated. 
I’ve mentally written 2 or 3 or 4 blog entries, though, often in the middle of the night.  Somehow I have to turn those ideas into something like a project, involving paper, ink, paint!
COLOR – Thought - and read - a lot about this recently.  What colors make my ‘heart sing’?  (That’s Pat M’s expression, and what a good one for evaluating art). Usually, although often I don’t much LIKE abstracts (please don’t spread that around, it’s my guilty secret), the paintings with singing color are just that: perhaps because the abstract artist can abandon local color.  When I’ve frozen in front of a painting for its color, it’s often abstract, with acres of neutrals/grays/muds, and a jewel of a spot with a BIT of glorious, pure color.  How can I figure out how to achieve this when my subject is, so often, flowers?
LINE and DRAWING – recent success with a ball point pen: successful both in the result on paper ( a good likeness of a friend’s cat which I have failed to capture with several attempts painting), and more success in that I was in that wonderful zone, when I know I’m spending my time in the Right Way.
But – what to do next with all this in mind? It’s a puzzlement!

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Just found out, I can draw dogs too!

My role with PAAW (Pet Adoption Alternative of Warren) has become quite creative.  One function that seems to becoming my own is the generation of thank you notes – plain yet personalized in many cases, but handmade and unique when a contributor goes above and beyond.        
Just recently a good friend to PAAW, we’ll just call her Jenny,  contributed the princely sum of $1000, to pay for surgery for Shatzi.   Here’s my drawing of Shatzi, done while I was attempting to create a card that could adequately express our gratitude for such a gift.  Not possible, but I tried.                   

Let me have Shatzi speak for herself:
“Hi! My name is Shatzi! And I am a super sweet and lovable Shih Tzu who was recently rescued by PAAW! I came into the rescue in bad shape, having been neglected by my previous owner who used to feed me Cheerios for dinner and didn't take very good care of me. Prior to my rescue, I was hit by a car and my leg was badly broken. My owner said he was going to take me into have me euthanized and threatened to just "take me in the back and shoot me", because he didn't love me enough to have my leg fixed and give me the care I needed. I was very sad and was in a lot of pain, and was wishing someone would come and help me!

Lucky for me, my neighbor knew one of the volunteers from PAAW, and she jumped in to save me right away! She picked me up and took me to the vet, and my leg was fixed up in a jiffy! I am in foster care now, and have pins in my leg and a big cone on my head while I recover. But my surgery was very expensive, and I still have other work that needs to be done, including my neuter and some badly needed dental work! :0 PAAW desperately needs help to cover my expenses and continue to give me the special care that I need! If you can find it in your heart, please donate today! Thanks for your support! xoxo  Shatzi”

Please note that Shatzi will be available for adoption soon. If you are interested in giving her a GOOD home, contact PAAW through their website, and fill out an adoption application.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Kingsford has become Bubastis

Some of you have asked for further information about Kingsford the Short-Tail cat.  Well, he's not our baby anymore.  But I just got an update from his new partner in life, KB.  I will include her words here - obviously we are pretty thrilled at just how lucky Kingsford has been.

"I ended up re-naming him after all. His name is now Bubastis. It was an ancient Egyptian city, the largest dedicated to the worship of Bast (the Egyptian cat goddess) and cats in general. The name is also referenced in one of my favorite graphic novels. One of the characters lives in solitude, his only companion his lynx named Bubastis. I figured, since he's missing a great portion of his tail, he looks a bit like a lynx, and the name seemed fitting. I call him Bubs for short. 

He and I have become quite a couple. As I'm often out and about, I've taken to bringing him with me. He even walks on a leash! People generally seem to be pretty impressed with him. He's so fearless and very talkative. He's managed to convince three of my friends that have always been "dog people", that cats can be awesome too."